Helping Hands Program Assists Senior Citizens in Sussex County, New Jersey


The Helping Hands program at Christ Church Newton gives parishioners of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to help local senior citizens with household maintenance, yard work, light construction projects and other needs. Candidates for assistance are screened by the Sussex County Division of Senior Services. Seniors meet with representatives from the parish to identify their needs and to set a date for the work. A brigade of parishioners armed with paint, brushes, brooms, rakes, clippers, weed whackers, hammers and power tools work until the project is completed. The assistance is provided free of charge to eligible seniors.


The Helping Hands program allows parishioners of all ages to work together towards a common goal: To be the presence of Christ in our community.

Those who are interested in accessing the services provided by the Helping Hands program at Christ Church are encouraged to contact the Sussex County Division of Senior Services at 973-579-0555 or at

See the "Helping Hands" project in action by clicking here
Walter Cox Thank You Letter Helping Hands Program Assists Josephine

Friends from the Diocese of Panama have assisted our Sussex County neighbors during their visits.



Recipients of support from the Helping Hands program have expressed their gratitude!

Financial support for the Helping Hands program will be gratefully received. Donate online, or make out a check to "Christ Church Newton" with the "Helping Hands" program listed on the memo.

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The Helping Hands program assists seniors in need with household maintenance projects who live in Sussex County, NJ and are referred by the Sussex County Division of Social Services.